Saturday, 13 February 2010

Grooming all you dont want to know.

in the initial stages of grooming, the perpetrator behaves seductively and deceptively. Buying her things she could never afford driving her round in flash cars. This can start as young as 9 years old, at first the girl beleives that the perpetrator is her boyfriend. Some even work in groups, this process begins with a young girl being targeted and befriended by a young boy of her own age usually a classmate or a neighbour. Then the young boy will introduce her to older men posing as older brothers or cousins.

The second phase, the "friendly" association turns into exchange of favours. The perpetrator causes infatuation of love in the girls mind and seeks sexual favours for himself and for others, she is expected to do this as proof of her love or as a way of returning fovours bestowed on her.

She is told she owes him money for the cigaretes or the booze he supplied her with. She is then told that to pay back the debt she is to allow them to have sex with her. Effectively being raped and gang raped, she starts going out at odd hours and goes missing for days at a time as she is trafficked out to nearby towns and cities and all the time undermining her self esteem and ruining her family stability.

The perpetrator attemps to completely sever the young girl from her family even going so far as to make the young girl falsely accuse her brother or father of sexual abuse at home as a means of breaking the whole family apart. The knowledge that their daughter was or is being sexualy exploited often rouses shock and denial from parents. The idea that their precious daughter is being or has been abused by someone and they have not been able to protect them can be very traumatic for the parents they often feel guilty,distresed,upset,confused,scared,embarressed and helpless.

Parents may initialy feel their daughter chose this lifestyle, and blame or resent their child for putting them through scrutiny from agencies such as social services and police. Not uderstanding that grooming and coersion are a form of brainwashing by someone exerting power and control over another. Information and knowledge of grooming tactics and the impact of grooming on children allows parents to channel their energy into strenghening the relationships among the family.

The most obvious cost that families pay is loss of life Natalie Pearman(16), Fiona Ivison(17), Carley Bateman(17), Tania Nicol(19), Samantha Bennet(19), Mary-Anne Meneghan(15), an endless list of young women whose lives met a violent end as a consequence of sexual exploitation by these perpetrators how can they persuade girls they`re their boyfriends and then make them sell their bodies for drugs usualy, they steal these peoples lives for greed.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Hospital Gown That's Also a Burkha

a British hospital has announced that it is to introduce burkha style hospital gowns for its female muslim patients
this will soon be coming to an NHS hospital near you , women who want to cover up because of their faith are to be offered these striking turquoise garments . critics say this is another example of political correctness gone mad.
The "Interfaith gown" is being piloted at the Royal Preston Hospital after complaints from (muslim) women that the (normal) regulation dress was to revealing.
Hospitals around the country are being offered the burkhas by an NHS clothing supplier for around twelve pounds each.
The "Inter-faith gown" is designed to reveal nothing but the patients eyes and hands (and yet allow access for surgeons?).
This may be viewed as a reasonable request from one particular group of patients but were does that request fit into the hospitals priorities, this is just another example of political correctness gone mad. This was brought in because it is a muslim request and words like "race" and "faith" have been used , they did make other requests brighter lights more flexible meal times and longer visiting hours just for them.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

this is what will happen in an area near you

this story is about what happens in an enriched area i realise it was stopped for now but the plans for it to happen are only on hold for the time being under the advisement of the local mosque for fear of inciting racial tension but the fact is it will happen its just amatter of time and believe me time is short too short imo for the full story click on title thank you


Due to the amount of enforced immigration by our government our country will soon have ethnic (minorities) birth rates at more than three times that of the (indigenous) British people witch would soon meen that we (indigenous) British will soon be a minority in our own country i dont know what other people think about this situation but i for one am not impressed to put it lightly .

white identity

If the current government have their way the identity of the british people will no longer exist is this what we elected this current government for so that they could destroy our way of life and to force multiculturalism on an already impoverished country thanks to the current government bailing out the greedy bankers and selling us out to the E.U.